Corporate Affairs

Our Corporate Affairs generally include Transaction Advisory Service, Drafting of Transaction Agreements, Conveyancing and Drafting of Land and Security Documents, Title and Mortgage Registration, Reviewing of Transaction Documents & Advising on same, Undertaking Health and Safety Audits, Undertaking Regulatory & Business Ethics Compliance Assessment, Drafting of Letters upon request, Advising on Labour, Organization and Human Resource Management Issues, Reviewing other official documents and advising on same, and any other services incidental to the above and as shall be agreed upon from time to time. We help corporate bodies, individuals and groups of individuals, to develop and form new businesses, joint ventures and partnerships as well as other corporate transactions. We advise and assist in contract negotiations, listing on the stock exchange and alternative markets, insolvency and liquidation proceedings, debt restructuring, tax, legal due diligence, property acquisitions and disposals, mortgage and title registrations. We advise and help in the registration and protection of trade, service marks and patents.

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