Financial Security And Advisory Services

Our financial security advisors take over that tremendous responsibility by working as your objective advisor. We narrow the field to find the strategies that best suit your goals, and then monitor those strategies, to make sure they work to improve your business processes as well as enhance monitoring and oversight responsibilities and meet your organisation’s long-term strategic plans.

As a research-driven firm, we develop, train, interpret financial security regulations to organisations and provide guiding principles for evaluating, monitoring and regulating multiple actors of the sector. These principles include a rigorous methodology that lends itself to high level quantitative and qualitative insights into the management of financial security systems. As your objective advisor, our team of experts help regulatory bodies, industry players and fiduciaries in running financial security plans, such as, life insurance, pension schemes, personal and group investment plans, provident funds, welfare funds, pool funds and employer-sponsored schemes. We provide support and assist in developing plans to stream line their governance systems in line with best practices. We also help train and develop its human technical capacity, audit its business processes and accounts, provide legal risk management and strategic compliance and investment advice, monitor the development and growth of their plans and scheme to ensure compliance with regulations, investment policy and guide lines as well as ensure the adoption of best governance practices.