Local Director Services

The Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) requires that at least one Director of every company must be present at all times in Ghana.

Zoe Lexfields is able to assist companies who require assistance in meeting this legal requirement, by arranging for the appointment of a nominee Director subject to the provision of an indemnity. Where a Director is absent from Ghana for an unacceptable period of time or is unable for any reason to act as a Director and wishes to appoint any other person other than a fellow Director as an alternate Director, we provide such a person subject to approval by a resolution of the Board of Directors in accordance with Act 179.

In circumstances where the Regulations of our clients permits attendance and voting by proxy at meetings of Directors, our company is able to assist a Director who cannot attend a particular Board meeting to appoint a capable person as his proxy to attend and vote on his behalf at such a meeting.