Liquidation Services

As liquidators, we help companies, shareholders and creditors liquidate companies for various reasons. We deal with creditors, collect outstanding company debts, deal with company employees and assist them with their claims, deal with any company assets and prepare all relevant paperwork to ensure a successful, efficient and effective liquidation proceedings.

Members Voluntary Liquidations:

We undertake private or voluntary liquidation for our clients, where their companies are solvent but due to some reasons, including inactivity, death of shareholders or change of business plans, the owners decide they no longer need the companies.

Creditors Voluntary or Compulsory Liquidations:

We assist clients, who for reasons of insolvency or commencement of creditors liquidation or distress are unable to stay in business, to liquidate their companies. In such instances we ensure our clients’ interests are protected and are not exposed to unnecessary liabilities during and after the liquidation proceedings.

After such liquidations, we do not leave our clients to hang, we help them stand on their feet and guide them in their endeavours so as to avoid recurrence of their previous mishaps.