Corporate Changes and Filings

Articles of Amendment
When you need to make changes to your company
  • When you want to update the articles for your company—by changing your company name, changing your contact information or changing stock information, for example—you may need to file a document with the appropriate state agency. We’ll create your amendment document and file it with the state.
When you want to move on from your corporation or LLC
  • If you ever decide it's time to dissolve your Corporation or LLC, we will not only create the necessary paperwork, but we'll also file it with the appropriate agency.
Convert your business from one type of entity into another with ease and speed
  • It's possible to convert your business from one type of entity into another type of entity. For example, if your company is set up as an LLC and you want to convert it to a corporation, or the other way around, you may be able to do so with the proper state filing. We can help you file your Certificate of Conversion.