Incorporation Service

Are you planning to raise money from outside investors. Are you also planning to go public in the future. Are you shooting for the stars for a big exit?

  • Form a corporation with speed, value and ease
  • Documents filed with the state forming your corporation.
    Personalized bylaws and resolutions defining who owns and manages the company.

The stricter formalities give investors the knowledge they desire about how your company is run.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a corporation protect my personal assets?
If a business operates as a corporation, the business owners, called shareholders, are not personally liable for debts or other claims against the corporation. That's because the corporation is a separate legal entity from its owners. If a corporation complies with the formalities required for it to be treated as a separate legal entity, then anyone seeking to collect a debt from, or enforce a claim against, a corporation, would not be able to collect from the shareholders themselves. They would only be able to pursue the assets held in the name of the corporation.
Is a corporation right for me?
It depends on many factors. You can talk to our professional team to help you decide.

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