Nonprofit Service

With a Nonprofit Service, you're eligible for state and other income tax exemptions. Contributions to certain types of nonprofits are tax deductible. Members and directors are shielded from personal liability for the nonprofit’s actions.

Serve the public good as a nonprofit

  • Starting off right is the first step in getting donor support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between a public charity and private foundation?
Public charities generally get their funding from the general public. Private foundations are usually supported by a few individuals, a family or corporation.
Is the formality of incorporation necessary?
Incorporating your nonprofit provides liability protection for the directors and officers of the organization. If your group is concerned about credibility, having an official nonprofit corporate structure can improve your organization's status in the eyes of potential donors and the public.
Is a Nonprofit right for me?

It depends on many factors. You can talk to our professional team to help you decide.

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