Patent Search

Save Time and Money by Conducting a Patent Search before Preparing a Patent Application

Before you spend time and money preparing a patent application, you’ll want to make sure you've identified any existing patents or published applications that contain inventions similar to yours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some of the specifics of my invention that I need to provide for my search?
Descriptions of the main parts or components might include the following:
  • The materials used in each component
  • The shape or form of each component
  • Each component's function in the invention
  • Any other unique aspect of the component
  • The overall use or function of your invention
How do I title the kind of invention I want to have searched?
The title should describe the invention's function, purpose or type. It shouldn’t be a name used for marketing purposes, like a trademark or brand name. For example: if you had invented the light bulb, the name of your invention might have been "incandescent filament in a glass bulb." The name for a tape recorder could be a "machine for sound recording and reproduction."
What if I have more than one use for my invention?
Although your invention may have been created to be used a specific way, there are often other ways to use it. Describing many different ways your invention could be used can potentially broaden the scope of your patent protection.

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